Styling our Suits: Ulla Set in 'I'm Going to Harvard'

With summer in full swing and life returning to what we all know, summer date nights are back! Finding an outfit for date night, whether it be a first date or weekly date night with your significant other, is always complicated. Taking inspiration from our Ulla Top in “I’m Going to Harvard'' print, I will be sharing 3 different ways to style it for any setting!

Outfit #1: Cute & Casual

If your date consists of a more casual setting or activity, opt in for an easy-going outfit! Pairing our Ulla Top with a simple pair of boyfriend shorts and a white linen button down is the perfect summer afternoon date outfit! You’re dressed down a bit more, but you still look put together. Adding some accessories like gold jewelry and sunglasses will also elevate your look.

Ulla Top in 'I'm Going to Harvard'

Outfit #2: Fun & Flirty 

If this is your first few dates with someone new and you want to impress them with your looks, try a more flirty look. Two piece sets are the perfect way to make you look put together in the easiest way! A white linen two piece button down set is perfect! Buttoning only a few buttons allows for our Ulla top to peek through! Accessorize this look with a purse and some cute mules and you’re good to go!

Ulla Top in 'I'm Going to Harvard'

Outfit #3: Sexy & Chic

Now if your date is more on the fancy side, like a nice dinner on a rooftop, wearing something sexy is the way to go! An open blazer allows for our Ulla top to shine, and adding wide leg trousers and heels gives you a chic and fashionable look! 

Ulla Top in 'I'm Going to Harvard'

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